Excuse Me Miss Autoimmune

Poor sleep, unmanaged stress, and other lifestyle choices are all reasons the immune system can become dysregulated. For sustaining a healthy and well-regulated immune system we need to ensure that survival is reliable. Read below about steps that can help you put water on the fire and address the root-cause of your inflammation once and for all.

Check for hidden infections. Chronic simmering bacterial, viral and/or fungal infections is a physiological stressor that can lead to inflammation and hormonal imbalance within the body. This can be for some, the upstream cause of the downstream autoimmune dynamic. With the help of your provider you can identify, address, and reverse these infections by treating them.

Check for hidden food allergens. Two of the most common food sensitivities are dairy and gluten. The protein in these foods effect the lining of the gut wall, making it more permeable which can lead to leaky gut and molecular mimicking – this is a dynamic that confuses the immune system and becomes dysregulated. Although sensitivities matter – no meal plan can replace a whole-nutrient dense diet.

Fix your gut. At MINNTS we do this by working on removing what the body is perceiving as a threat, such as foods that cause inflammation and/or products that we put on our skin that act a lot like excess estrogen in the body. We work on maximizing on what the body needs such as adding nutrients like fish oil, vitamins D, A, and Zinc, body movement – this acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. Finally, we work on prioritizing a room for healing – this is where the magic really happens!


Give these steps a try, you may find that you feel less inflamed. Furthermore, when you treat the underlying causes of your illness, you will begin to experience vitality and sustain wellness once more. For details and to learn more about how MINNTS can help you and your bio-individual needs – schedule your consultation today at Minnts.me

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Nazee Nassiry