My Story

A Personalized Approach

Imagine an approach to your symptoms that looks more at the root cause while treating your downstream symptoms. A system that prevents other symptoms instead of just managing them. With a personalized approach, this is possible. Please read my story below to find my purpose behind this movement.

Nazaneen Nassiry

Nurse Practitioner

There are too many people who are not feeling well and cannot provide their unique gifts to their world. I was one of those people. This is why I made it my mission to provide therapeutic solutions to those looking to improve their health and wellness so they can positively impact their world once again.

I’ve come to this purpose of lifestyle medicine and individualizing health through many years of working with my patients and as a patient who struggled with chronic fatigue, weight-loss resistance, and anxiety.

The weight gain was awful not only for my self-confidence but also brought on great anxiety and fatigue. Conventional medicine knew how to treat my immediate problems, anxiety, and weight gain, but nobody knew how to help me when chronic fatigue set in. I was exhausted, had extreme brain fog, paranoia, and severe insomnia.

I tried everything. I went to a weight loss clinic for B12 injections and an appetite suppressant… Unfortunately, the appetite suppressant only made my symptoms of anxiety worse. I turned to a psychiatrist who offered medications, a prescription that would theoretically help with symptoms, but I knew something else was missing after a few years of trying.

This was when I turned to functional medicine. I took a personalized approach to assess my unique body. What I found was shocking. The foods that I was eating most of my body was perceived as a threat. I had a leaky gut, suboptimal stomach acidity, low minerals, and subsequently a sluggish thyroid.

I was on a mission to hone in and fix my food problems, and thankfully that got better. I worked on an elimination diet, changed my exercise regimen, prioritized sleep, and worked on self-care and metabolizing stress. My journey took time, but almost immediately, the fatigue improved, and my sluggish thyroid started thriving… I was thriving again all through the power of lifestyle and individualized healthcare. And the experience changed my life.


Fun Facts

  • My name is Nazaneen pronounced [n-ae-z-ah-n-ih-n], but I must confess I go by Nazee [n-ae-zee] for short
  • Nazaneen is a typical Persian female name, and it means “sweetheart,” “lovely,” or “delightful.”
  • I graduated from New York University and Simmons receiving my Masters in Science in 2016
  • I am a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner
  • I have experience in hospital cardiology, infectious diseases, convenient care, primary care, and urgent care
  • My focus on functional medicine is inspired by Tracy Harrison and the team at the School of Applied Functional Medicine
  • I speak two languages and am eternally grateful to my mom for this (and grateful to her for so much more)
  • You are most likely to find me at the grocery store or in the kitchen creating a new recipe, reading a book, listening to wellness audible, working up a sweat in the gym, or hiking in the mountains!

Meet a Healthier You

When your health is your priority, so are your future plans.

Let your journey begin here.